7 10, 2016

CVs that jump around

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It’s common knowledge that employers are wary of people whose CVs ‘jump around’ a lot.

As we all know, a “jumpy” CV can evidence:

  • poor performance;
  • a lack of ‘stickability’;
  • a lack of resilience;
  • personality issues, such as someone who has problems with authority or working with others; or
  • someone who is […]
20 06, 2016

A Winner

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771Legal Personnel entered the inaugural New Zealand Recruitment Consulting Service Association Awards 2016 and was announced the winner of the Candidate Care Award on Thursday night 16 June 2016. This is an award we are very proud to hold. The category was judged on […]

5 05, 2016

How to say goodbye in a good way

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ayrilmaThis topic comes to mind as a result of a recent recruitment experience the team had while recruiting for an in-house position.

It highlighted the importance, particularly of how an employer should handle and/or react when a key member of the team decides to leave.

Yes, […]

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