Farewell Kristal

//Farewell Kristal

Farewell Kristal

It’s not often that you have someone leave your team and then decide you are going to highlight that to the world, but this really is worth sharing. Recently, we lost Kristal, she has decided to move on from legal recruitment, into a role that allows her to be an employment relations advisor to small business owners. A role we know she will do well at. But before leaving, Kristal sent us all a farewell email which gives you some insight into the Legal Personnel team and into what we already miss with Kristal:







I have really loved working, chatting and laughing with you all. In no particular order:

  • Jarrod, thanks for being one of the best bosses I’ve had. Legal Personnel seems to be growing in a great direction and I can see why Judith thought it would be in good hands with you. From you, I’ve learnt that it’s possible to be calm, happy, busy, onto it, responsive and sociable all at the same time and I’ve also learnt that business development is just keeping in touch with people.  I didn’t say I’ve learnt how to do any of those things, I said – I’ve learnt it’s possible.
  • Judith, thanks for being the person who is quick to respond, slow to react, and determinedly knows how to moves things forward. Also, yes, as I’ve said many times, a boss, mentor and coach all wrapped into one. The number of times you would have been within your rights to fling a stapler at me but you stayed calm, patient, and gave me a gentle prod to figure things out. From you, I’ve learnt more about negotiation, people, and fronting up to difficult conversations than I have from anyone else.
  • Rosemary, thanks for being unofficial mum / Uber / local “Eat
    [Rosemary’s] Lunch”. I will miss our D&Ms (deep and meaningfuls). From you (i.e. my eavesdropping) I’ve learnt – just talk to people like you already like them and like they already like you and like you already have rapport and that’s what happens. Although in your case you probably do already like them/ like you/have rapport.
  • Kimberley, thanks for teaching me manners. Thanks to you, I will now try to start and end an email with “thank you” and include more “pleases”. And also, I’ll try not to be so intense and loud when I get grumpy about something. You’ve been great to have around and eavesdrop on.
  • Sarah, my buddy, my pal. Geez I’m going to miss you and our chats. I’ll text you suggested soundtracks, and send you copies of my emails (so you can Sarah-them-up for me). From you I have not yet learnt how to make a decent coffee. Fail Sarah. Fail. Ask that poor candidate about the pig swill she was forced to drink – it probably affected her typing speed.  
  • Natalia, thanks for bringing a touch of European style to the office. I’ve enjoyed our intense chats about politics, labour markets, and South America. Thanks for playing along with my standing gags about ugly jumpers (as well as enabling my addiction to ugly jumpers)
  • Lynette, I do enjoy Wednesdays in the office with you. You’re matter of fact, direct and get me to behave. Thanks for the gentle prods in the right direction and a very effectively raised eyebrow applied as necessary.
  • Lee, thanks again for just being “Lee” the person who will find the way (we shall call it the “Lee-way”!).  

I’ve loved my time with you guys – and it’s been great to be able to just be myself!  I leave this role feeling calmer, more confident and more capable than when I joined you. I am sorry to be leaving you and I will see you around.



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