How to get chosen by the one you want

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How to get chosen by the one you want

I’m not the first person to make the comparison between recruitment and dating agencies. At its essence, we are about connecting individuals with organisations, we are the link bringing the two together. As with dating, sometimes through sheer good luck, fortunate timing or just being ridiculously attractive, you find the right match for you without any help from anyone else. Other times you need a bit of help, someone to help you look your best, or at the very least introduce you to a few like-minded people and see if there is a connection.

So as recruiters, we need to have a good understanding of what you like, what will be good for you, and what your hopes and dreams are. We also need to know what each firm is like to work for, what sort of people work there, will they take good care of you? Like dating, sometimes it doesn’t work out, but the more we know, the better the chance that it will work out for both parties and be a long and happy relationship.

So how do you improve your chances of being picked by the organisation that is the right match for you? Here are 3 tips to improve your recruitment success, and possibly your dating life.

  1. Help us help you

Like any intermediary, there are some that don’t really care, they just want to make the connection, clip the ticket, and get paid. There are lots of recruiters like that, so don’t bother with the ones that just take your CV and shotgun it to as many firms as they can, hoping something might hit the target. At Legal Personnel, we really do care, and we take the time to meet you, get to know you and find out what you are really looking for. So let us help you! Be honest, tell us if you like long walks on the beach, or if you just like to sit on the couch and watch Netflix. Think about what has worked for you in the past, what hasn’t, and where you want to go. We can only help you if you are real and honest with us. Sometimes you might not know for sure, but we can help you work that out, provided you are willing to be open with us.


  1. Be realistic

If you want to date Taylor Swift, but you live in NZ, you can’t dance, don’t really like pop music and have no connection at all to the music industry, you may just end up disappointed, and lonely. In the legal sector, whether we like it or not, your grades from your law degree will be one of the first things a firm will want to see, especially if you are a grad and have no experience. Some firms have much higher expectations than others, and unless there is something truly incredible about you (see number 3) you’re unlikely to be considered. So, if you’re a B-, don’t set your sights on a firm where they will only look at an A, you will only be disappointed. But there are plenty of great law firms that will look at a B-, and you might even find they are a better match for you and you’ll be happier in the long term.


  1. Make yourself more attractive

Recently I was at the LawFest Innovation & Technology in Law conference in Auckland, which by the way was a great event. The moot for the great debate at the end of the day was “Technology will render future law degrees obsolete.” The star of the debate, in my opinion, was Phoebe Clifford, a current student at The University of Otago who argued that so much of what is taught in a law degree does not even remotely prepare you for legal practice. She gave the example of Blockchain, a technology which could revolutionise law, but one in which she has learnt very little about at university. Fortunately, Phoebe will have at least got a basic understanding of Blockchain at one of the earlier sessions.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, get noticed by a person or organisation you really want to be with, sometimes you might need to hit the gym, find a hobby, dress to impress, whatever you think is going to make yourself more attractive. For your career that might include attending conferences, doing volunteer work, writing articles, speaking at conferences, attending networking events, getting connected in your industry. If you are a grad looking for your first role, highlight the things that make you different, prior work experience, sporting achievements, academic achievements.

Finding the love of your life, or a fulfilling and rewarding job is not easy. You probably won’t get it right the first time, but that is all part of the learning. If you are looking for a legal job, we can help, but if it’s dating help you need, you might want to call on a different team of experts.


By Jarrod Moyle, Managing Director

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