Taking the Leap

Taking the Leap

Almost 4 months ago I started my career in legal recruitment, having never been a recruiter or a lawyer. A lot of people have asked me why I decided to buy Legal Personnel as this was a bit of a segue from 14 years as a remuneration consultant. In the end, it was a relatively easy decision, here was a great business, with an excellent reputation for being legal recruitment specialists, and a superb team. After doing all the homework, it was a no brainer. But I had done a lot of thinking about this for several months beforehand.

As with a lot of major life decisions, this one came about because I was dissatisfied with the status quo. I had a comfortable job, in a well-respected firm, where I was well looked after, but something was missing (I admit that sounds pretty cliched). I had spent 14 years developing my skills as a remuneration consultant but I couldn’t see myself remaining a specialist in a narrow field for the next 10 or 20 years, so now was as good a time as any to make a change. I needed a new challenge. I was at a stage in life, that will be familiar to many, where you have learnt a bit about yourself, you have enough work experience to know what you really like to do, you know what you are good at, and I was thinking I’d really like to do more of that, and have greater control over my destiny.

One Friday night I was watching the Graham Norton show, which is the sort of thing you do when you are past the age of heading out on the town on a Friday night, and Florence and the Machine were the musical guests. Florence was doing her thing, singing away, eyes closed, red hair flowing, and I could tell that she was absolutely loving it. She’s living the dream, doing what she is best at, and I thought, I want to be there. Not performing on the Graham Norton show, but doing what I do best.

I remembered discussions I’d had in the past and I started asking myself questions like: what energises me, even when I’m physically tired? How do I really make a difference at work? What are my strengths and how do I like to use them? When do I feel like I’m in the zone, and everything is flowing? It didn’t take long before I came to three broad themes, I really enjoy leading a team, and all of the challenges involved with that, I want to play a part in growing and developing a business, and I want a tangible ownership stake in the business, so I can financially benefit from the growth. At this time I also started thinking about my philosophy on business and leadership, and how I would go about my role (something for a future blog).

Leadership, growth and ownership, that still leaves it pretty broad, so I had to narrow down my options. I started meeting with a range of people, some who knew me well, others who I thought might have some helpful perspectives. I considered the range of skills I have gained in my remuneration consulting career, and how they could be transferred into other areas. From there I narrowed my search to companies involved in the human resources consulting space and through one of my conversations, I came across Legal Personnel. I had met Judith some years earlier discussing remuneration in the legal sector. As Judith wrote about a couple of months back she was in the process of deliberately planning the next stage in her career and life, rather than just waiting for it to happen to her. From there, the more I got to know Judith and Legal Personnel, the better it got, and 16 weeks in, I’m really enjoying the role.

It has been great getting to know the team, they really are a pretty special bunch of people who are dedicated to doing a great job. It has been fascinating meeting a wide range of clients and seeing the diversity of firms that we work with. And I love exploring the possibilities for where we might take this business and the next steps for us. Someone said to me that recruitment is both champagne and razor blades, that sounds a bit extreme, but I do love the mixture of adrenaline and opportunity that comes with stepping out into the unknown, it’s going to be a fun ride.

Jarrod Moyle – Managing Director

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