6 12, 2017

Multiple Offers: Avoiding The Awkward Dance Part 2 For Employers

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You will certainly know that your team is your best asset. A cohesive, loyal, high performing team is the best tool that you will have in achieving business success. And getting good employees on board is often a hard-won process in a candidate short market.

So consider […]

28 11, 2017

Multiple Offers: Avoiding The Awkward Dance Part 1: For Employees

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At the moment we are in a “candidate short” market for some types of roles so as a result candidates with particular skill sets are in hot demand. This is great if you are a candidate looking at your next move as it can mean there are […]

27 10, 2017

My Principles for Business and Leadership

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It’s hard to believe that the movie Jerry Maguire is now over 20 years old. If you ask what was the most memorable scene from that movie, most will probably shout “show me the money!” But for me, the most significant point in that movie was earlier […]

30 09, 2017

Farewell Kristal

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It’s not often that you have someone leave your team and then decide you are going to highlight that to the world, but this really is worth sharing. Recently, we lost Kristal, she has decided to move on from legal recruitment, into a role that allows […]

22 09, 2017

Taking the Leap

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Almost 4 months ago I started my career in legal recruitment, having never been a recruiter or a lawyer. A lot of people have asked me why I decided to buy Legal Personnel as this was a bit of a segue from 14 years as a remuneration […]

4 08, 2017

Help your New Hires to Help You

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If you’ve done any recruitment in the legal industry of late you will be acutely aware how difficult it is to find the right people for your team.

You’re also aware that while you’re waiting for Mr or Ms Right to join you, your existing team members are […]

11 07, 2017

Winners attract Winners

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The Employer of Choice Award in the New Zealand Law Awards is sponsored by Legal Personnel. The award has a very strong branding for any firm looking to recruit. Being a finalist or a winner of the Employer of Choice Award speaks volumes to candidates as […]

13 06, 2017

Succession by design or the 5 D’s

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So, I have done it. What you say? I have created my succession by design. Yes, Legal Personnel has a new owner. Someone who has the vision; the drive and ambition to take and develop the business […]

9 05, 2017

Salary Surveys – benchmarking a salary is not that straight-forward

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salarysurvey2017_380x214Legal Personnel does a salary survey every year and has done so for 16 years. We have seen other surveys come and go over that time; however, it was definitely noticeable that the joint New Zealand Law Society and Hays survey has stirred the […]

4 04, 2017

The Retirement Vortex

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retirement-aheadWhen I have had conversations with myself or other lawyers about retirement, an image of a swirling vortex comes to mind. It has a hollow centre with lines that move around its midpoint. It is circling rapidly, but sometimes it slows down a bit.

I suppose […]